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The character wakes up in a nightmare. They find themselves in a house, drowsy and confused. They need to get out by finding the flashlight and exiting through the front door. The second level, after they leave the house, the character finds himself in catacombs. The character will need to escape before their sanity runs low. After leaving the catacombs, the player realizes they are a zombie and they live under the graveyard. They are now set free to terrorize the town.

Main Features:

  • Kafkaesque is a mix between an adventure-type game and a horror game
  • Each level has its own theme and concept to it
  • The ending really brings the game in a full circle and the player understands what was going on the entire time

Characters and Resources:

  • The main character
    • Sanity: Decreased when zombies are nearby or flashlight runs out in 2nd level. Sanity is consistently decreased in level 3 when you find out you are a zombie
    • Flashlight Battery Power: Introduced in level 2, the flashlight battery runs out over time, there are charging stations to increase battery power
  • Zombies (5 in level 1, 7 in level 2)
    • Chase after the main character when it is nearby or in a specific area.
    • Will decrease player's sanity if too close.

User Interface & Controls:

  • Yellow Bar is your sanity. Once it hits zero, you die.
  • Blue Bar (2nd level) is the battery of your flashlight. If your light is gone, your sanity decreases.
  • WASD - Move Character
  • Mouse - Move Camera
  • X - Crouch
  • C - Interact with Objects
  • Space - Jump
  • M - Toggle Flashlight
  • Escape - Pause Game

Main difficulties/Challenges:

  • Technical:
    • having to learn Unity from scratch
    • initially, working in Unity simultaneously resulted in a lot of work overwritten and lost.
    • Making the game "Scary"
    • Sound Problems (sound goes through walls)
    • Mac vs. PC
  • Untechnical:
    • Sticking to the milestones as the project progressed (we often found ourselves having to adjust them).
    • Finding free assets to fit our needs

Future Improvements:

  • The game could use jump scares, ex. falling book shelves, banging on walls, etc.
  • The assets need to be edited and made so the user can interact with them.
  • The game is too narrow. The creation of better assets above will allow for more adventures, more exploration and interaction.

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